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Supermarket POS Systems That Make a Difference
In the supermarket industry, accurate information is essential.  Effective Supermarket POS software needs to have great inventory tracking & ordering systems, customer tracking features, and sales trend reporting.  It is important to identify the fast and slow moving items to keep costs down and profits up.  Driving new business and repeat customers can be made easier with frequent buyer cards or customer loyalty cards.
Utilizing the real-time data from our systems allows you to manage your business more efficiently and effectively. Easily compare live data from one or several store locations to identify trends or areas of improvement.  Manage your inventories and employees, place orders with vendors, and build customer loyalty all from one software.  We provide retailers the tools and functionality to run their businesses with less effort and more profit.

We Cater to Grocers and Markets of all Kinds

Some businesses can get by with an old-time cash register, but for groceries and markets, checkout speed & efficiency can make or break your business. 
Whether you own a specialty market, an independent location, or a large chain, we can customize a POS system with the hardware needed to meet your goals.  Run your store like a "Big Box" retailer without having to act like one

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  • Inventory Control

    Track thousands of products from dry goods to produce in your system

  • Accept Coupons

    Create your own coupon or use manufacturer coupons to attract new customers with exciting offers

  • Track Customer Loyalty

    Reward your customers for frequent visits and purchases with integrated customer loyalty programs

  • Mix & Match Pricing

    Easily group products for enticing deals that increase sales and move inventory
The Features You Need to Run Your Cafe
  • Scale Integration

    With standalone scales, and deli scales, accelerate the checkout process by automatically ringing up weighed items. 

  • Credit, Debit, & EBT Card Capable

    Easily accept all forms or card payments with our integrated processing software.  The latest EMV devices available to ensure your transactions are secure.  

  • Hot Keys & Pictures

    Stop trying to remember the PLU's for your produce.  Quickly navigate through customizable "hot keys" for popular items, or create pictures of the corresponding product.

  • Sales & Inventory Reports

    Know what products are moving and what products are tying up your cash.  Track sales from one or several stores right from your office. You can view store, department, or shift performance over time. You can also analyze product movement to optimize your inventory and ordering accordingly.

  • Employee Management

    Centrally manage all of your employees right from the corporate office or home computer.  Create or modify schedule, perform shift sales analysis, assign employee permission, and more.


Every market and grocer is different, so it's our goal to work closely with you to customize a solution to meet your needs.  Please contact one of our POS experts and start building your system today!
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