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The Best Tobacco Shop POS System
Selecting the right Point-of-Sale system is a critical step to building a successful Tobacco Shop business.  With a diverse range of inventory products and strict compliance rules, careful consideration must be given to the type of software selcted to manage the store's inventory, sales, and customer profiles. 
PC America Cash Register Express point of sale software has a robust suite of features and functionalitythat makes it a perfectsolution for any Tobacco or Cigar shop.  PC America's Cash Register Express has an intuitive design that allows for quick checkouts and easy management of detailed customer profiles, easilty view cutomer sales history, setup in-store accounts, or assign special pricing levels for preferred customers or "bulk" buying.  The customization of the software allows retailers to create "hot buttons" for best selling itmes or items without a scannable barcode.  All inventory is automacially tracked whenever product is received or sold.  You can also generate new products orders based on preset inventory levels.
In a multi-location environment, you can utilize back-office software to have live access to data and sales for all stores.  Loyalty programs can be setup and tracked regardless of the location your customer visits. 

The Features You Need to Run Your Store

Customer Loyalty Programs

Keep customers coming back with great deals and rewards. Customize your loyalty programs to encourage repeat business. Know your customers' favorite cigar and cigarette brands.

Optional Age Verification Prompts

Verify the age of your customers in record time. Avoid any cashier errors and ensure you protect your customers and business.

Cigar Labels

Create barcode labels that fit directly onto individual cigars. And with case break functionality, always know exactly how many boxes and individual cigars you have in stock.

Integrated Merchant Processing

Heartland serves businesses of all sizes and is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. Fairness and transparency are our core values. We created the Merchant Bill of Rights to promote fair payment processing practices on behalf of small to mid-sized business owners. We focus on customer relationships and take pride in serving as your advocate.

Carton Inventory Tracking

When individual units are sold, automatically record the status of cigarette cartons and packs and even cigar boxes and singles

Sales and Financial Reporting

Track your smoke shop's sales by brands and departments to know what product is moving and what products are tying up your cash



Every business is different, so it's our goal to work closely with you to customize a solution to meet your needs.  Please contact one of our POS experts and start building your system today!
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